About Chris Ivy

Chris began working at Heritage Auctions in 2000 after serving as a professional grader with Sportscard Guaranty Corporation (SGC) in New Jersey. He was the driving force behind the inception of the Sports auction division in 2003 and under his management Heritage Sports has grown significantly each year to become the largest sports auction house in the world with over $50 million in annual sales.

Chris has orchestrated the auction of some of the most important athlete collections in the industry including The Lou Gehrig Collection, The Walter Johnson Collection, The Jim Thorpe Collection, The James Naismith Collection, The Mike Eruzione Collection, The Sam Snead Collection, The Stan Musial Collection, and The Brooks Robinson Collection.  

In 2012, he supervised the marketing and sale of the most significant baseball card find in the history of sportscard collecting. Known as The Black Swamp Find, it included hundreds of 1910 E98 baseball cards, discovered by a Defiance, Ohio family while cleaning out a relative’s attic. The sale of The Black Swamp Find collection continues today and to date has brought over two and a half million in total sales.

Chris is recognized as a nationally respected expert in the industry with appearances on NBC's Today Show, CNN, ESPN, FOX News, and hundreds of print media outlets including The New York Times, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, and The Associated Press.  

Today Chris continues to serve as the Director of Sports Auctions for Heritage. In his position, he is responsible for the day-to-day operations, combining vision and execution with a balance of business and collecting passion. He counsels advanced collectors to help them build some of the most significant private collections in the hobby and he also works with consignors on a daily basis to recommend the disposition of their collections in order to maximize their financial return.

About Heritage Auctions

As the largest collectibles auctioneer and one of the largest auction houses in the world, Heritage Auctions holds an enviable status in the collectibles industry. Since its founding in 1976 by seasoned coin collectors Steve Ivy and Jim Halperin, Heritage Auctions has grown into a diverse auction and consignment venue, offering and acquiring a wide range of objects with monetary value, historical significance, and documented lineage. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Heritage Auctions commands a strong presence around the world, maintaining offices in Houston, Florida, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

Heritage Auctions sells a vast array of collectible objects and memorabilia, including currency, historical coins from all nations, fine art and photographs, rare books, movie posters, comic books, jewelry, clothing, and much more. Holding regular actions online and at various locations across the globe, Heritage Auctions affords a unique opportunity for both seasoned and novice collectors to sell and purchase their memorabilia in the same forum. When clients choose Heritage Auctions to auction off their collectibles, they can rest assured that their treasured keepsakes will receive a fair and honest appraisal from some of the most knowledgeable veterans in the industry. With a staff roster consisting of more than 100 experts and 400 customer service professionals, Heritage Auctions earns recognition from clients and competitors alike.

Customers interested in consigning their valuables with Heritage Auctions or examining items for purchase can browse the company website (ha.com), speak live to one of many service professionals, or visit the world headquarters in Dallas. Heritage Auctions provides free informal auction evaluations and appraisals, advice on acquiring and preserving memorabilia, and access to an extensive database of collectors and rare items.